One of the least enjoyable but most important segments of practice finance is the recovery of debt. The ASBS collections team has a long history of superior results.

We utilize proven recovery techniques which are completely compliant with HIPAA as well as the State of Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.

With a commitment to ethics and tools which minimize patient complaints, we offer:
  • Bilingual liaisons
  • Customized reporting
  • Electronic remittance
  • Full service and support
Because a substantial amount of accounts classified as "bad debt" can be collected from managed care companies rather than the patient, our claims management liaisons work to resolve unpaid and denied claims directly with these companies.

Among the services we offer to minimize outstanding claims are:
  • Eligibility verification
  • Primary and secondary insurance claim filing and refiling
  • Insurance appeals
  • Claim follow-up
  • Secondary insurance claim filing